Every beach is better with a dog

so we invited Lucy along for the day

she's super excited 'cos today's got something to do with salt and sand and hanging with the humans
 Just checking...if I exhaust myself running around and barking a lot you'll carry me back up the hill, right?

She's really old, and when she gets tired she likes to be close
 and then she likes to wander off again
and take it all in
canine/seagull head foot prints
one last look at the ocean...
...before we head home

and no, sorry Lucy, we cannot carry you back up the hill!

Things we got for Christmas

something to rot my brain on and watch Every. Single. Season. Ever. Of Mad Men on

this groovy, whirring thing

fetching face furniture

what is it...?

oh my god I'm jumping off the Sky Tower!

 Tamara's little men are thrilled for her

Aargh!There's a whole army of them. We can't possibly eat them - they're too cute. We've decided to give them all names and keep them as pets instead

New Year's day in the city

Holidays equal exodus. It's as quiet as a mouse...

 there's time for reflection

and photographs of loved ones

while the water spirit stares on and freaks the bejesus out of the tourists

still life with clogged drain and cigarette packet