I'm ba-ack...

Haven't posted for such a long, long time!
The first reason is because my muse left me - I took photos at several events but just couldn't get motivated to go through the pictures and sort them out. A bit strange because I was really looking forward to shooting them, but once I got home the editing urge disappeared right out the window.

The second reason is because I got a new phone (that actually works properly) so I've been playing with my Instagram accounts
instagram.com/kapowsuperbat and instagram.com/kapowsuperdog (for my doggy portraits)

Every beach is better with a dog. Part 3: Bella and Mac

We're dog sitting so took the puppies out for adventures -but someone did not want to come home from the beach...

Oh yeah. Holes.

I can't stay stinky and muddy?    I no understand...
Mac was rather unimpressed but commendably stoic about all this bath business

Oh no! Murder on Mashed Potato Mountain

with Dog, as accomplice

it's alright - they can rest eternally in the Daisy Memorial Forest

There is hope in all of us

 that we might be the lucky ones
to remain untouched
and stay together like in a dream

Under the green, green neon of the shisha bar

Hiran loves the hookah - "take me out, we go to shisha..."

Nick plays games on his phone

and the moonbeam is confused...


I was asked by SAFE to take photos of the rally to ban factory farming. A thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable experience and I got to meet up and hang with some awesome people. The photos above are a collection of the ones I took for myself.