ANZACs & the nicest person you could ever share afternoon tea with

He introduced himself as 'Dad'. He is 86 now, but when he was a teenager he fought in the Pacific in both the army and navy. He said he forgets which service he was in first - he just remembers he was in both - and that he had a beautiful Samoan girlfriend

Dog's bums and breakfasts

the first things I saw when I woke up this morning

a fluffy dog bum and bacon and eggs

sharing a pillow

all done

Tricksters and Night Theatres

Mission Bay

Dead, stuffed and in a glass cage

a trip to the museum always starts at the revolving doors

someone spent weeks stuffing this bird to make it look alive - you'd think it would only be polite to be impressed and pay some attention...(just sayin...)

searching for non-whatcha'm'carcass food

it's 5 o'clock - everybody get out!

Autumnal aperture adjustments at the Wintergarden

Off we all went to the Wintergarden.
Packed our cameras, but unfortunately not our sandwiches. Something we would later regret...

Feeeed me, Seymour!

Anna and Terry

...this is a lie